6 Tips for Planning Your 2019 Social Media Strategy

With 2018 coming to a close, many brands are planning budgets and strategies for 2019. The fun part about social media marketing is that things are always changing, and there’s always something new to test. However, when thinking about all the possibilities available, social media marketers need to also be realistic. While planning for 2019, ask yourself, “Where do I want my brand to go?” But don’t forget to follow up with, “How will I get there?”

The Importance of Brand Awareness in SEO

The links between social media marketing and SEO have long been debated, and while there’s no definitive connection between the two (Google, for example, doesn’t factor in Likes and shares on social platforms when ranking pages), social platforms do facilitate content sharing, and help drive traffic – there are various key SEO elements which are very much directly influenced by social media activity.

And now there may be another consideration in this. According to a new report from Red C Marketing, based on eye tracking of over 400 search journeys, 82% of consumers will select a brand that they’re already familiar with in search results, regardless of that brand’s actual ranking within the SERP.

Add a little movement! Why subtle animated images can help you on Social Media

Things have come a long way very quickly when it comes to Social Media – and ever since Facebook floated on the share market a few years ago they have made a massive move to reposition themselves to be a more profitable company – they have been doing this by giving businesses an even greater reach (when you pay for it of course) to their users. It’s now got to the point where almost all of a newsfeed has been taken up by advertising and updates from companies and organisations you ‘like’ rather than seeing all of your friends updates. It has been a subtle shift and you wouldn’t have noticed things change overnight but they have certainly changed. How do you ensure your post stands out in a crowded advertising space – which is even more important now that you’re most likely paying to ‘boost’ your posts and advertisements just to appear in someone’s newsfeed.

Plan for a Merry Christmas

Christmas is coming, the geese are getting fat, get started on your festive marketing... and all that Thats right, the end of Financial Year has come and gone, winter is officially over. Although the thoughts of warmer weather and time … Continued

Collaboration the key to success for Adelaide-based design agency

Collaboration seems to be one of those terms that are thrown about loosely by executives and entrepreneurs. It often gets used as a ‘buzz word’ and the meaning can be skewed, stretched and watered down but, as a graphic design agency offering multiple services it is something we have always valued at Zynke Design.