We are Professional Commercial Product Photographers specialising in food photography

On-site or off-site. Our photography services know no bounds and the shots speak for themselves...as they should.

We have invested a lot of time, a lot of money and a lot of, well… plain old messing about with cameras to get where we are today. With a large well-equipped studio that offers great lighting control as well as many food styling props, we have shot some of South Australia’s most premium brands. Think San Remo Pasta, Balfours Frog Cakes (kind of premium!), Fantastic Rice Crackers, Ambra Limoncello and so much more.

But if it’s the great outdoors you need captured then we have done that as well! With photography gigs around the world for a large Australian travel company to aerial shoots over the Flinders and some nice architectural projects, we can happily work in any environment.

Plus, the added bonus is that the lead designers will be the ones photographing your business. This means that we shoot what is needed for your particular project. We shoot the exact frame needed for your brochure or website and capture the details that best represent your brand.

Creativity Whets Our Appetite

You might notice us getting a bit manic and intense when we’re photographing projects. Don’t be alarmed, this is only us taking a bigger bite when the spark of creativity hits.

We thrive on creativity and when we take one shot and review it, we suddenly get ideas for better and better shots to try. We always keep the project’s intent and meaning firmly in our sights and constantly try to illustrate and illuminate that meaning solely through the photographic image.

The creativity behind this blending of the photographic image and the project’s intent and meaning whets our appetite to explore new ideas and techniques in presenting your project to the world as cleanly and purely as we can.

We are Professional Commercial Product Photographers specialising in food photography

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