Everything from ice-cream to olive oil. We work with some of South Australia's finest food producers.

Its the medium that speaks to the general public about your business. It’s probably the most important aspect of your business aside from the annual Christmas Party. It needs to be cutting edge, clear in it’s message and true to your brand. Does your packaging measure up to your rival’s offerings? Does it look old or does it look iconic. If it’s iconic, don’t change it. Some packages shouldn’t be messed with (look at Pepsi!). If it’s old, then for a marginal fee, Zynke can work up a series of conceptuals of where your product could go. It’s a relatively inexpensive exercise and gives you an insight into your own product that sometimes you can’t see.

Zynke is a proud member of Food South Australia, an organisation committed to food industry growth in South Australia. Zynke are passionate about helping South Australian food businesses succeed in all aspects of their business – starting with good design.

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