Delight & joy in the South Australian food industry

This post is somewhat different to our other posts, it’s not too design-heavy or focused on web-development but rather it is a post of gratitude and appreciation, a post about our love for where we live and just as importantly a love for what we do and the South Australian Food Industry.

Last week I was lucky enough, through our membership with Food South Australia to attend the Think Food Expo held as part of Tasting Australia in Adelaide’s Victoria Square. Think Food is South Australia’s only dedicated food tradeshow and attracts some of the most amazing producers of South Australia foods who showcase their products to buyers from within the food supply industry both here in South Australia, nationally and internationally. I was lucky enough to have been able to explore this wonderful event with the always insightful Michael Neale of Literally Brilliant, who has had years of experience working in marketing within the Food and Beverage industry. Michael’s knowledge of the industry and passion for helping businesses succeed was evident throughout the event and it was a privilege to be able to learn so much from him.

Walking around the pavilion I was amazed to see so many varied and different producers, all from somewhere within South Australia and all with products they had worked very hard to create and market. There were small boutique producers with artisanal products and larger companies who are recognised nationally. There were producers from Kangaroo Island, from the Fleurieu Peninsula, the South East and more, I think every part of South Australia had some kind of representation which was fantastic to see.

The foods on display were varied and unique, from amazing cheeses produced by La Casa Del Formaggio and B.-d. Farm Paris Creek, to food trucks that have diversified, to wholesale Alpaca farmers producing alpaca meat for eating and even alpaca Chirozo (extremely tasty!). Walking around and sampling the products was a delight for the eyes and palette, but just as insightful and amazing was being able to speak with some of the owners and long-term employees of the companies on display.

There were many discussions about a wide range of topics including their products and the industry in general, and being a supplier to the food industry we found all the conversations insightful and interesting. One of the biggest observations we noticed was the shear determination and passion each and every producer showed for their products. As a learning experience from a supplier-client relationship Think Food provided me with ample opportunities to discuss and learn directly from the producers themselves.

There were stories of a political nature, about why the cost of being in businesses had gone up, there were stories told about the origins of products from recipes in family cookbooks and of tradition passed down from generation to generation. Of course we spoke about design, packaging and how the internet has changed business and the small, boutique food world – but no matter who I spoke to, or what we spoke about there was an underlaying passion and dedication to creating the best product possible.

That passion and determination from the suppliers left a strong mark on me, as a supplier to the food-industry. Whilst the packaging, photography and advertising that Zynke Design supplies to our clients may only be a small cog in a very large machine within the food industry we couldn’t help but feel proud to be involved. Many people we spoke with were very impressed with the packaging we had created for Gelista’s range of 570mL gelatti (which were on display at the their stand) and we couldn’t have been more proud to hear about our work being talked about by industry professionals, product-buyers and customers in such a positive way.

The whole experience really got me thinking on a broad-scale about the part Zynke Design plays and our responsibility within the food industry to to help companies produce fantastic packaging, advertisements, photography and websites. I left invigorated and inspired to get out and create even better work than we have before. I left thinking about how the role we play can help businesses within the food and beverage industry excel and succeed, which in-turn helps the industry grow as a whole and creates more work for everyone involved.

I couldn’t be more proud and happy to live in such a wonderful part of the world, where we have some of the most amazing and passionate people working hard to succeed and enrich the lives of not only themselves, their families and customers but the state in general. I love you South Australia and all of thelocal food businesses and your products, because without you I wouldn’t get to do the work I love to do. So no matter how under-rated some people say South Australia may be I will always think they are wrong and will continue to work hard to show just what we can do.



Jonathan Barge,
Senior Designer, Zynke Design.